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A Solution for Car Loans in District Of Columbia

Fresh Start Auto Loan Affiliates, LLC. District Of Columbia auto dealership and lenders relationship work with customers placement into a vehicle even if poor credit history, prior bankruptcy and repossession, divorce, prior unemployment, health problems/medical bills, collections and other issues exist. Our main objective is connecting our customers with an auto dealership or lender so you can get your fresh new start!

Is this Program Right for You?

Is not having a vehicle not an option? If you have past credit challenges, you should see if any of these items apply to you:

• Can I afford the payments on my current vehicle?
• Am I behind on payments and am unsure if I can catch up?
• Is there a possible vehicle repossession in your future?
• A vehicle repairs and maintenance causing issues with your other obligations?
• Is there a more economical, fuel-efficient car that could save you money?
• Would a vehicle with a smaller insurance premium help you at this time?

Repairing your Credit in District Of Columbia

When bad credit, prior bankruptcy, prior repossession, prior unemployment, prior medical and hospital bills, collections, etc., are keeping you from getting from your home to work, it might be time to consider Fresh Start Auto Loan Affiliates, LLC. as an option.