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Seaching for Car Loans in your State

When you apply for car financing with our program, you'll be matched with a lender or dealership that assists customers with challenged credit history, prior or current bankruptcies and/or repossession, divorce, prior unemployment, health problems/medical bills, collections and other issues they may have experienced. Apply today with Fresh Start Auto Loan Affiliates, we strive to connect you with 24 -72 hours to financing solutions from within your area!

Questions to Ask Yourself

When you need a vehicles and your credit score is poor or limited credit history, or a prior bankruptcy, you'll want to evaluate if you fit our program:

• Can you really afford to keep making the payments on your present car?
• Are you so far behind on your car loan you don’t have the money to get caught up on it?
• Is your lender pressuring you to pay or have your vehicle repossessed?
• Is your car too old, crippling you with costly repairs and maintenance?
• Is your car too run-down to be reliable for your future?
• Could you save money with a more economical, fuel-efficient car?
• Do you want a different make and model with a lower mileage and insurance premium?

A New Credit Line Could Help Improve Your Credit Score

Transportantion is almost a manditory to provide for your family and to attend your job. When bad credit, prior bankruptcy, prior repossession, prior unemployment, prior medical and hospital bills, collections, etc., result in limited financing options, you could apply for an auto loan that could repair your past credit by building new car loan credit.